Here is a list, which follows a loosely prioritized order down to the number one thing that makes a government bad.

  1. Highly unequal and majorly separated social classes. This often leads to a stagnant government that doesn’t benefit the lower class. Because of a major separation, the lower class has difficulty gaining a voice.5c5e6d54ac900051a560d22cfe9910f9
  1. Mob rule. Here is an article with an interesting perspective on the concept of majority rule. When we only listen to the majority, we get a lot of uneducated voices, or people too weak to stand up for an idea that isn’t “popular.” This is not good for a government that wants to do what is best for all and not just go with the flow.
  1. Too high taxation. Let’s face it, nobody likes having their hard earned money taken away from them to pay for projects that benefit those who didn’t work hard. This creates unrest amongst citizens which is dangerous to government. Government needs loyalty and support, along with an aspect of trust. Otherwise the people tend to act in fear, or are led to only feel like they have the choice to pick the lesser of two evils. High taxation also just gives the government way too much power. Which I will touch on as a bad thing later.
  1. No taxation. How do you expect a government to protect and aid you without any means to do it? People aren’t always generous, or willing to give even when they know the project will lead to their benefit. Taxes ensure things get done (read more here on why taxes are important).
  1. No representatives, solely direct voting/action. In other words no clear leader(s). In a crisis situation, you can’t always call for a vote you need someone who has the authority to take action.
  1. Too little power. Like I said, you need to be able to take action. If you don’t have any control or power, how can you do the good things?
  1. Too much power. We can’t have everything micromanaged, or else rights start to disappear and everyone is at the mercy of those in control. We must remain independent to a degree. We must be able to voice our concerns and be heard.
  1. Zero checks and balances. Too much power is bad, it’s even worse when only one person has it; then no one can stop them.
  1. Uneducated voters/representatives. Stupid people bug me…when it comes to them making major decisions that affect the way I live my life. Winston Churchill said that, ““The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”  If people who don’t understand the way the world or the government work try and make rules to control and help it, they will fail. Education is a must (read here for more discussion).
  1. Bad people. It’s inescapable; government has to have people in it and they are going to be flawed and well…just really messed up. Good people make a good government. Can you tell me where to find some of those? Thanks.

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